A soloist since she was fourteen years old with Ribeirão Preto Young Symphony Orchestra, Cássia majored in flute at the University of São Paulo (Usp). She is the principal flutist at the São Paulo Municipal Theatre and with Jazz Symphony Orchestra.

IItalian, graduated by Music Conservatorium G. Martini from Bologna. She attended the Salzburg's Mozarteum and the Musical Academy Perosi, in Biella with Corrado Romano, also she studied at Trio de Triese International Chamber Music School. She is also guest musician in important orchestras in Italy and awarded in many competition like Concorso Internazionale di Musica da Camera di Caltanissetta, F. Schubert ans Citt'a di Monferrato. She was musician in ensembles like Trio Schubert, Quartetto Àgora and the Portinari Quartet. In 1997 she recorded an album only with violin duo compositions from the composer Giovanni B. Viotti. She won the Orcheschestra della Fondazione Teatro Verdi competition and she plays the violin on São Paulo Symphony Orchestra (Osesp).

Born in the USA, began his studies with seven years old. He got classes at Northwestern University in Illinois and he got the Master in music at Cleveland Institute of Music. In 1989 he became a member of the Youngstown Symphony in Ohio and he founded the Youngstown Symphony String Quartet. In 1992 he joined to the Westbrook String Quartet, resident ensemble from Youngstown State University. He also played with Warren Chamber Orchestra and Canton Symphony Orchestra. He was teacher on Allegheny College and Westminster College on Pennsylvania. He plays on the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra (Osesp).

A percussionist who graduated from Unesp (São Paulo State University) and obtained his master’s degree from the Eastmann School of Music, in USA. Gianesella as a member of the Experimental Repertoire Orchestra, of the São Paulo State Symphony Ban, and of the “Novo Horizonte” Group, among others. He is currently a percussionist with São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and  also teaches for the Percussion Group on Unesp.

Horácio Gouveia got many prizes like XVI Young Soloists Competition from Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra, the 2nd place on I Cultura FM Competition (Promon Prize), 2nd place and Best Brazilian Music Performer” on Guiomar Novaes Competition. With an DAAD scholarship he studied at Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg. He got the master degree at Rio de Janeiro Federal University. Today he teaches at Alcantara Machado Arts Faculty (Faam) and is in a Doctoral course at University of São Paulo.

Born in Russia, Klevtsova started studying harp when she was seven years old in Moscow, with Elena Pavlova. She graduated at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. She is Osesp (São Paulo Symphony Orchestra) principal harpist since 2000, and was a member of the teaching staff at two occasions for the Internacional Winter Festival in Campos do Jordão (São Paulo).

The Canadian violist Peter Pas studied at the University of Sakatchewan, and went on with his studies at Indiana and Yale Universities, in the USA. He was principal viola with Yale Philarmonia, Yale University New Music Ensemble and Symphony Orchestras at Columbs, Saskatoon and Waterbury, among others.

Born in São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo), Burgani graduated at Carlos Gomes College, in São Paulo. He received a number of wards at national competitions, among them Piraciaba Young Solists, Eldorado Prize and the EPTV-MG 1st Young Soloists Competition. He is currently a member of the group Sujeito a Guincho, as well the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra principal clarinetist. He also teaches clarinet at São Paulo State University.

Cassia Carrascoza, flute
Douglas Kier, violoncello
Horacio Gouveia, piano
Sergio Burgani, clarinet
Simona Cavuoto, violin

collaborative musicians

Alex Tartaglia, trombon
Alfredo Lima, percussion
Cassia Lima, flute
Claudio Torezan, double bass
Dárcio Gianelli, trombon
Eduardo Gianesella, percussion
Elisa Monteiro, viola
Francisco Formiga, basson
Giuliano Rosas, clarinet
Heitor Fujinami, violin
Herivelto Brandino, percussion
Jose Arion Linarez, basson
Jose Costa, horn
Liuba Klevtsova, harp
Lúcia Cervini, piano
Marcelo Matos, trumpet
Marcia Fernandes, percussion
Nivaldo Orsi, clarinet
Pedro Gadelha, double bass
Peter Aps, hautbois
Peter Pas, viola
Richard Fraser, percussion
Samuel Hamzem, trumpet
Tatiana Vinogradova, violin